суббота, 24 декабря 2011 г.

Plusfeed.pl - my Google Plus RSS export tool and service was released

Russian text is here.

I'm not very social animal but I have a couple of accounts in social networks, including Google Plus account - https://plus.google.com/112714787808356482431/ (and yep, you can add me to your circle) and also I was wondering why Google do not provides RSS/Atom feeds there.
Googling reveals some tools for this purpose -
https://github.com/russellbeattie/plusfeed - using Python on GoogleAppengine.
https://github.com/tedkulp/gplusfeed - using Node.js on Heroku.
https://github.com/AntonTyutin/gp2rss - using Node.js
But there is no public service for G+ RSS translation AFAIK -
Russel's public Plusfeed http://plusfeed.appspot.com was closed because of changing prices on AppEngine,
Public instance of gplusfeed at http://gplusfeed.heroku.com also not working (at least for me).
So, I decided to write tool for this by myself and also provide simple and reliable piece of code for anyone
who want to translate G+ posts to RSS/Atom, at least until Google do not provide this natively.

So, please welcome http://plusfeed.sandbox.activestate.com !
Activestate Stackato was used as hosting, but you can provide your own service (at least for your own posts) if you have even simple Perl/CGI hosting using my code at https://github.com/deniszh/plusfeed.pl

In case of problems feel free to drop me an email to denis.zhdanov@google.com or post issue 

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