воскресенье, 9 февраля 2014 г.

FreeBSDJournal Rant

OK, in the year of the Lord 2013 some people was going to publish a magazine dedicated to FreeBSD - FreeBSD Journal. Idea was to put it to iPad and Android tables - it's XXI century, right? OK, that's good initiative.
And in the year 2014, the magazine finally came out. And what do we see ? In the Apple Appstore and Amazon Appstore (NOT in Google Play, although they say that the version for Play on the way) we must buy (free) app (!).
Let's download, run it and then we are see -

What login? What's the password? Where I need to register? Why I need to register?
Why everything is repeated twice? Isn't 7 USD very much there for one issue of electronic format even not in PDF/ePUB?

And all this despite the fact that on Amazon, Appstore and Google Play have an opportunity to sell the magazines in "one-click" - without additional registration, without entering your payment information...
Yes, it costs some money, but even if it for the same 30% of the price (I don't know, maybe rates are different for magazines, of course) - but really, is FreeBSD OS has become so "niche thing" that reducing prices by 30% does not pay for an increase in audience AT TIMES? :(

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