суббота, 5 июля 2014 г.

Sporadic Gihub Ops Digest #4 (July 5th 2014)

I'm continuing to collect interesting Github repos (for Ops people but other geeks too):

1. Awesome Ruby.
A collection of awesome Ruby libraries, tools, frameworks and software https://github.com/markets/awesome-ruby

We have a Amazing PHP, Python, Ruby and sysadmin repos. But where's Perl ?

2. Vex.
Run a command in the named virtualenv. https://github.com/sashahart/vex

3. Rainbow Stream.
Terminal-based Twitter Client. https://github.com/DTVD/rainbowstream

4. statsrelay
A consistent-hashing relay for statsd metrics https://github.com/uber/statsrelay

5. EulerPy
Python-based Project Euler command line tool.

6. ReplayLastGoal
Automatically create an animated gif with the latest goal at the world cup

Just for fun!

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