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Random Ops Github Digest #9 (August 3rd 2014)

Hello, my fellow readers!
I decided not ot wait until tomorrow and make new digest right now - still not sure if this digest will be weekly or more random and sporadic. :)

So, let's start, again, my favourite Github projects (sometimes Ops-like) in no particular order.

1. cheat
cheat allows you to create and view interactive cheatsheets on the command-line.

Like man command, but you'll get small cheatsheet just with commands instead big man page. Still not sure is it good thing or not....

2. awesome-django
A curated list of awesome Django apps and projects.

Another Awesome list, but for Django developers. Can be useful for Django Ops too.

For you, fellow Puppeteers:

3. r10k
Smarter Puppet deployment, powered by killer robots

Relatively new tool for Puppet installations, useful if you using librarian and dynamic environments.

4. hiera-consul
Hiera backend plugin for Consul

If you have working Consul cluster you can get/set vualues there directly from Hiera.

Going to DevOps stuff:

5. terraform
Terraform is a tool for building, changing, and combining infrastructure safely and efficiently. http://www.terraform.io

"Infrastructure-as-code" tool - describe your infrastructure, deploy and control it on different providers. It's not Puppet replacement though - http://www.terraform.io/intro/vs/chef-puppet.html - it's just more high level tool.

6. infratester
Infrastructure Behavior Testing Framework http://infrataster.net

Another "Infrastructure-as-code" tool - it tests infrastructure's behaviour from outside of servers:

7. devstep
Development environment builder powered by Docker and buildpacks

A dead simple, no frills development environment builder that is based around a simple goal:
"I want to git clone and run a single command to hack on any software project."
For more information please check http://fgrehm.viewdocs.io/devstep

8. libcloud-vagrant
Apache Libcloud compute provider for local Vagrant boxes

"libcloud-vagrant is a compute provider for Apache Libcloud which uses Vagrant to create VirtualBox nodes. With libcloud-vagrant installed, you could prototype a small cluster on your laptop, for instance, and then deploy it later on to Amazon, Rackspace, or any of the other clouds supported by Libcloud."

Rest of things:

9. seL4
seL4 microkernel

Freshly opensourced L4-based microkernel, which has formal verification proof. Not really practical thing, but interesting - check its FAQ if curious.

10. snapzend
zfs send/receive backup system http://www.znapzend.org

Cool new backup system specifically for ZFS!

11. pghero
Database insights made easy
Personally I didn't work with more-less loaded instance of PostgreSQL for quite long time. But if you do - please check it out - it's nice web dashboard for pg:

Today's fun section is quite big:

12. cool-old-term
A good looking terminal emulator which mimics the old cathode display

Looks cool - but not sure is it OK for work:

13. ld-preload-sounds
Generates raw WAV output by hooking malloc() and read().

You can now hear how your compilation sounds like!

14. conway
A real-time, persistent, multiplayer version of Conway's Game of Life

You can roll out your own server and play with friends or play with strangers right now on http://lifecompetes.com

Small disclaimer: I'm just big fan of Github and since we have so many sources of information around I pick Github as source of information for my digest of interesting open-source projects. And because I'm Ops/Sysadmin person - I choose projects which somewhat ops-related, but not necessary. I'm not GitHub employee and this digest is not connected with GitHub in any way.

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