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Semi-irregular Intresting Github Repos Ops Digest #10 (August 15)

Hi All,

New name for that digest come into my mind - Semi-irregular! It sounds good for me, let's stick with that.
I want to make some celebration with Issue #10, but first I found out that no really cool projects to show for a week - maybe because of summer/vacation time, I don't know. So, I was waiting for one more week, and now -

Semi-irregular Intresting Github repos (for) Ops Digest, issue 10:

First, fresh docker projects:

1. docker-cheat-sheet
Docker Cheat Sheet

Good cheat sheet for Docker, must read.

2. flocker
Easily manage Docker containers and their data https://clusterhq.com

Open-source Docker orcestration service. Also, not much to say, please try tutorial.

3. flynn
A next generation open source platform as a service (PaaS) https://flynn.io

Ah, that's more complicated thing, but looks very promising - latyered open-sourced PaaS platform, check it out.

4. github-trending
Tracking the most popular Github repos, updated daily

Self explanatory, tracking the most popular Github repos and updating list of top objective-c, javasript and go repos in markdown output daily. You can pick other languages and run own tracker if you want.

5. cloud-ssh
Cloud enhanced SSH client replacement with host auto-completion

Cloud enhanced SSH client replacement with host auto-completion, espicially nice for AWS hosts.

6. cpubars
Lightweight terminal-based multicore CPU usage monitor

cpubars is a simple terminal-based tool for monitoring CPU load in real-time, especially tailored to monitoring large multicores over SSH.

7. Password-Repo

Quite good collection of password lists, which help to your services be more secure, I mean if you will deny using that obvious passwords for users.

8. mooltipass
Github repository dedicated to the mooltipass project

Very nice project, indeed, like it very much! Aruino-based hardware password storage, powered by smartcard - wow! Fully open-sourced. Prototype is looking like that:

Ceators selling it for 80$, but real paranoid needs to built this by own, of course.
More and more sysadmin tools starts to be written in Go language. This is collection of Go stuff for ops engineers, check it out
And useful port of psutil library for Go:
10. gopsutil
psutil for golanghttps://github.com/shirou/gopsutil

Also some vim plugins was detected by by Github radar this week:

11. vim-plug
Minimalist Vim Plugin Manager https://github.com/junegunn/vim-plug

New Vim plugin manager, like it:

12. vim-grammarous
A powerful grammar checker for Vim using LanguageTool.

"vim-grammarous is a powerful grammar checker for Vim. Simply do :GrammarousCheck to see the powerful checking"

13. vim-go
Go development plugin for Vim https://github.com/fatih/vim-go

"Full featured Go (golang) support for Vim. It comes with pre-defined sensible settings (like auto gofmt on save), has autocomplete, snippet support, improved syntax highlighting, go toolchain commands, etc... It's highly customizable and has settings for disabling/enabling features easily."Nuff said.

Fun section:
14. carp
"interesting" VM in C. Let's see how this goes. 
Sample realization ov virtual machine in C. Check if you want to how to find how VM works.

15. sunfish
Sunfish: a Python Chess Engine in 111 lines of code

"Sunfish is a simple, but strong chess engine, written in Python, mostly for teaching purposes. Without tables and its simple interface, it takes up just 111 lines of code!
The clarity of the Sunfish code provides a great platform for experimenting, be it with evaluation functions, search extensions or anything. Fork it today and see what you can do!"

16. anagramatron
twitter anagram hunter http://anagramatron.tumblr.com/

"Anagramatron hunts for pairs of tweets that use the exact same set of letters.
This script connects to the twitter stream. When it receives a new tweet it runs it through some filters, ignoring tweets that contain things like links or @mentions, or that contain less then a minimum number of characters."
You can check results of it on http://anagramatron.tumblr.com/

Small disclaimer: I'm just big fan of Github and since we have so many sources of information around I pick Github as source of information for my digest of interesting open-source projects. And because I'm Ops/Sysadmin person - I choose projects which somewhat ops-related, but not necessary. I'm not GitHub employee and this digest is not connected with GitHub in any way.

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