суббота, 27 сентября 2014 г.

Semi-irregular SysadminNinja's Github Digest (vol. 13)

Hi All,

Third part of digest, most current one!
Two more to come.

1. gogs
Gogs(Go Git Service) is a painless self-hosted Git Service written in Go.

Another Github clone, but written in Go. Worth checking, if you need one.

2. pyston
An open-source Python implementation using JIT techniques.

New Python implementation, blazingly fast, looks promising, recommended by Guido himself :).

3. profiling
An interactive Python profiler.
Nice looking Python profiler, still under development but looks good:

4. blackbox
Safely store secrets in Git/Mercurial http://the-cloud-book.com

Another solution for storing secrets in your repos, but now from StackExchange and @yesthattom himself. Fresh and professional looking.

5. sfr1-lite
Search Formula-1 - A distributed high performance massive data engine for enterprise/vertical search
Vertical search engines are quite rare in open-source landscape. It's a new one from some Chinese startup, check tech docs in English for details.

6. mannaggia
automatic saint calling for depressed Veteran unix Admins, in italian
Hah, funny thing. "Automatic saint calling for depressed Veteran unix Admins, in italian
Developed in italian, can be easily adapted in other languages."
TIL what "mannaggia" means. :)

7. shellshoc_poc
Shellshock DHCP RCE Proof of Concept
Proof of concept of shellshock attack on DHCP server. See https://www.trustedsec.com/september-2014/shellshock-dhcp-rce-proof-concept/ for details:

8. bash_shellshock 
Wrapper for /bin/bash that mitigates 'shellshock' 
If you do not trust current Shellshock fixes you can use own wrapper to secure your server(s).

So, welcome to new SysadminNinja's house!

Hi All!

My old domain was suddenly expired, so I decided to make some changes in my blog. So, now it's named "Sysadmin Ninja's Blog" and it's nocated on neat and fancy URL http://iamsysadmin.ninja ! (yes, I know, but I was little bit slowpok-ey and most of yummy domains in .ninja TLD were already taken).
And I made some blog redesign - I hope current theme is not very dark... Maybe I'll become "light side" ninja soon. :)
So, and it's time to continue our GitHub digest. Last one was more than month ago, but I was quite busy with my moving, sorry. But we have fancy name now - "Semi-irregular Sysadmin Ninja's Github Digest" !
I had a ton of interesting repos for (more than)  last month, so, I decided to split it for at three volumes, will publish them this weekend.