вторник, 9 декабря 2014 г.

Semi-irregular Sysadmin Ninja's Github Digest (Vol. 17)

1. reptyr
Reparent a running program to a new terminal

Quite old tool made by @nelhage, it seems he is actively developing it again. It is really changes terminal for process.  "'reptyr PID' will grab the process with id PID and attach it to your current terminal. After attaching, the process will take input from and write output to the new terminal, including ^C and ^Z."
It is also quite interesting to know how it works - check this blog post if you are curious.

2. dockerana
Docker + Graphite + Graphana = Dockerana
It's exactly what it looks - Graphite + Graphana  packed in Docker container. Quite convenient.

3. seagull
Friendly Web UI to monitor docker daemon
Seagull is the best friend of docker which provides Web UI to monitor docker daemon. Demo site is down but screenshots looks nice. It seems that demo is working now.

4. Algorithms
Data Structures and Algorithms in Python
Not very exciting stuff, but might be useful. Just as it says, it is collection of data structures and algorithms in Python.

5. pg_shard
PostgreSQL extension to scale out real-time reads and writes http://citusdata.com/docs/pg-shard
Sharding helper extension for PostgreSQL. Nuff said, check docs.

6. peru
Maybe sometimes better than copy-paste.
Ah, nice tool. Another approach of eternal problems of dependencies on your repos. Like "git submodules" but easier. Works with Mercurial and SVN too, not only with git. Demo gif below:

7. awesome-public-datasets
A awesome list of (large-scale) public datasets on the Internet. (On-going collection)
List of many public (but sometimes not free) datasets on Internet, for your fun and big data projects.

8. rocket
App Container runtime
CoreOS creates own container instead of Docker. Quite controversial decision, check their blog for explanation.

9. instavpn
the most user-friendly L2TP/IPsec VPN server
Very user-friendly simple but secure VPN. Ubuntu, 512 MB RAM, curl -sS https://sockeye.cc/instavpn.sh | sudo bash, browse at http://IP-ADDRESS:8080 or use cli to setup.

10. shapeme
Evolve images using simulated annealinghttps://github.com/antirez/shapeme
Small toy from @antirez - it takes PNG and try to evolve bunch of triangles to copy it. Just for fun.

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