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Semi-irregular Sysadmin Ninja's Github Digest (Vol. 18)

I was slacking for a long time, I know. Sorry for that. I'll push two issues in a row now, this is the first one. Will try to make it more regular, will include other sources too.

1. The Crystal Programming Language 
New programming language, named Crystal. "We love Ruby’s efficiency for writing code. We love C’s efficiency for running code. We want the best of both worlds." Programs look like Ruby, but compiles to efficient native code, and has compile-time error evaluation like Rust. Worth to check out, if you're PL freak, like me. :)

2. chef-koans
An experimental, test-driven way to learn about Chef.
"An experimental, test-driven way to learn about Chef. Takes some inspiration from Ruby Koans and from other things that are awesome and simple." Unfortunately, only lesson number 0 is ready now - but you're welcome to contribute, of course!
Also, if you didn't read Vim koans or Git koans - please try, it's quite fun.

3. node-bell
Real-time anomalies detection for periodic time series.

4. streem
prototype of stream based programming language
A prototype of new PL from an author of Ruby - Yukihiro "matz" Matsumoto. It's on very early stage of development.

5. sfs
Asynchronous Filesystem Replication

6. gitfs
Version controlled file system

7. awesome-courses
List of awesome university courses for learning Computer Science!

8. mochi
Dynamically typed functional programming language

9. consul-do
Do something based on leadership status

10. openbay
The Pirate Bay source code.

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