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Semi-irregular Sysadmin Ninja's Github Digest (Vol. 21)

Hello, fellow readers!
Issue 21 of "Semi-irregular Sysadmin Ninja's Github Digest" is here. The last issue was very dry, will add more of my thoughts and funny pictures. :)
Let's go!

"A reverse HTTP proxy that duplicates requests."
"You may have production servers running, but you need to upgrade to a new system. You want to run A/B test on both old and new systems to confirm the new system can handle the production load, and want to see whether the new system can run in shadow mode continuously without any issue."

"A tiny open source spacecraft project. http://kicksat.io"

WOW. Just W-O-W. Your eyes are not lying, it's open-source spacecraft. "Our goal is to dramatically lower the cost of spaceflight, making it easy enough and affordable enough for anyone to explore space. We can do this by shrinking the size and mass of the spacecraft, allowing many to be launched together."
I hope guys will be succeeded and we'll see KickSat launch soon!

"P2P web powered by torrents and blockchain."
Rejoice, my paranoid brothers and sisters! New Internet is here! Wear our foil hats on!
It's a combination of webtorrent and blockhain to make not-seizable internet!
"When you open index.html in the browser (live demo), here's what happens:
Bitcoin address 1DhDyqB4xgDWjZzfbYGeutqdqBhSF7tGt4 is searched for the latest outgoing transaction containing OP_RETURN script. Inside the script there is a torrent infohash of webpage.html. webpage.html is downloaded from torrent via webtorrent and displayed."

"IronSSH - End-to-end secure file transfer"

"While sftp and scp use ssh to keep files secure while they are being transferred over the network, once those files hit the remote server, they are no longer protected. The ironsftp executable provides additional security. When you put a file on the server using ironsftp, the file is encrypted before it is uploaded, and it stays that way on the server. When you get a file from the server, it is downloaded then decrypted. So the file remains secure until it is at the place you want to use it - on your local machine."

"QuineDB is a quine that is also a key/value store.
If your database can't print its own source code, can you really trust it?"
Very interesting and funny project! It's simple K/V storage, written in bash4, but it's also a quine!
"When you run it, the (possibly modified) source code of quinedb is printed to STDOUT, and the results of the specific command run are printed to STDERR."

"Build javascript chart dashboards without any front-end code. Uses any json endpoint. JSON config only. Ready to go."
Long time dream is fulfilled! Yes, dashboards w/o any front-end code. !https://github.com/christabor/flask_jsondash

"LogTrail is a plugin for Kibana to view, analyze, search and tail log events from multiple hosts in realtime with devops friendly interface inspired by Papertrail."
Like "tail -f", but for ELK!


"A list of companies that allow remote work and use Python."
Yep, that simple, but maybe useful.https://github.com/mariusavram91/python-remote-companies

Games on the Github 
"list of open source games and game-related projects that can be found on GitHub"

"Bringing the power of the command line to chat http://operable.io"
"Cog is an open chatops platform that gives you a secure, collaborative command line right in your chat window. It is designed to be secure, highly available, chat provider agnostic, and to be extensible using your favorite programming language."

"BORG - A terminal based search engine for bash commands"

Searching bash-related questions on Stackoverlow not leaving your terminal!

"Easily figure out which git commit caused a given stacktrace https://pypi.python.org/pypi/git-stacktrace"
A little bit naive tool which helps you to find out wich commit is responsible for specific stacktrace. Python and Java are supported.
"⚡ Deploy stuff by diff-ing the state you want against the remote server"
Interesting deploy tool. Looks nice, but IMO it better uses real configuration management tool in this case, e.g. Salt or Ansible.

And something more for ML fans:

"Neural Generation of Regular Expressions from Natural Language with Minimal Domain Knowledge"
For now, it's purely academic project - creating regexes using natural language and machine learning.
But beware - regexes it's a start, maybe sometimes computers maybe be able to write own programs.
Why they will need people then? :)

Machine Learning is simple! You can make own TF image classifier in 5 minutes!

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